Hygn Citrus Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray - 50 ml

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Hygn Citrus Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Spray  - 50 ml

Introducing our brand new hand sanitizer spray, the next level of hand protection and nourishment produced from 5 natural ingredients.

Come with a fresh, juicy and zesty Citrus scent inspired by the slightly sweet and vibrant freshness of an orange, lemon and kaffir lime.

The naturally scented hand sanitizer spray, with natural extracts, that sanitizes, as well as moisturizes. It can be used as often as wanted without wiping or rinsing off with water, and never feels sticky.


• Contain 75% Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol distilled from cassava to offer immediate protection against harmful germs and bacteria

• Infused with efficacious Chamomile to replenish, accelerate cell and tissue renewal and give the skin a useful glow

• Infused with Cucumber extract to fully moisturize and help reduce irritation and inflammation from rashes. 

• Infused with notably natural antimicrobial agents from Centella Asiatica extract 

• Infused with Organic Aloe Vera to fully replenish and deeply moisturize your hands

• Infused with Amino Acid from Sugar Beet to reduce skin inflammation from rashes and irritation

• Bottled in a lightweight portable size bottle

• Certified for germicidal and detergent sanitizing action of disinfecting by ALS (Australian laboratory Services)

Instructions: Spray product evenly onto hands. Rub hands together until dry. No rinse is required.

Net volume: 50 ml.

Reg no.: 12-1-6400020362

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